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empire today Reviews

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  • Customer service

    I called empire to set up a appointment to see flooring products I got approved and they were coming out that Friday they call Thursday to say the product was out of the floor they call at 5 pm so I couldn't get my install so the original salesman came out again I picked another floor but when they came out Saturday but installers were short on flooring so when my brother went to home Depot and came back they took up my bathroom tile that wasn't in the order I call empire customer service and everytime I call they say a manager will call you back I called and canceled my order... More...
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  • Never Empire!

    After much harassment, this is the email I sent: This is about the sixth, and hopefully final, contact, phone and email, from Empire since I cancelled my order. I consider this badgering and will be reviewing your company to that effect online, and reporting this to the BBB. I was originally quoted a "rock-bottom" price of $3000, which then became a "rock-bottom" price of $2800, then $2700, then $2530, then $2014 - all "rock-bottom" prices. I have found a company who will do the entire job for $1500. And frankly, at this point, I would not consider your... More...
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  • Empire Today

    Used Empire in the past for carpeting took 3 installers and 3 sets of carpeting to get job done right, gave them another chance to do a laminate floor in living room hallway and steps, first crew walked off the job said don't do steps, second crew said dip in floor need to fix, they never came back, 3rd crew did a very slow job and after 3 days job isn't even half finished installer worried about babysitter vs doing the job, while watching them did good job soon as we left job got sloppy called customer svc said 3 days before someone would get back to us, called... More...
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  • Empire: inexperienced installers

    Purchased laminate floor to extend into the kitchen from dining area. When first installers came out they said that I had asbestos. My house was built in 1987. Asbestos was outlawed in the 70s. They wanted me to pay for an asbestos test. Second set of installers came out and said floor was not level and they did not want to jackhammer the ceramic tile - too much work. I knew this was all BS because Empire did the adjoining dining room floor with the same under flooring conditions about 2yrs ago. My poor husband who is 68yrs old with a heart condition took up the flooring in about 2 hours.... More...
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  • Horrible Floor Installation Experience

    The primary reason I selected Empire Today to install new laminate floors in my house, is because of its excellent TV commercials. Empire Today’s commercials emphasized affordability, good service, and high customer satisfaction. In fact, I envisioned myself sitting in my living room pleased and admiring Empire Today’s installation work. Unfortunately, I did not have that type of experience. I was extremely frustrated because I did everything in my power to get this issue resolved Empire Today in a timely manner. On Wednesday, 8/5/15, I signed a contract with... More...
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  • Warranty issues

    I am a very unhappy customer. After calling customer service, I learned that Empire would not honor the warranty on my carpet. I didn't receive ANY ease to my discomfort. They bascially just said "Sorry, can't help you." My response should have been "Okay, sorry, I won't have the rest of the carpet in my house replaced with you." I was planning on having the rest of the carpet in my house replaced and upgraded with empire, but now I know I can't trust their warranties. They said they could not help me because I can not provide receipt of professional... More...
    danielle2790's Picture   danielle2790    1 Comments   Comments
  • complaint against empire

    July of 2014, We called Empire Today. The pushy sales lady came to my house the same day. She did not leave until we signed the contract with her. The next day, i called the company and wanted to cancel because their price was very expensive, and they would not cancel. They gave me a couple of hundred dollars off the carpet and tile installation. We did not have a major problem with the tile people, but we started replacing the carpet August of 2014. The installer was at my house July 28th and inspected my furniture and my house and the flooring to make sure that they have ordered enough... More...
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  • Empire Today has lousy laminate

    Do not purchase laminate from Empire Today !! You'll pay a premium price for a low quality product ! Every time I clean my floors I am angry ! If you have kids and/or pets, this laminate is NOT for you ! Even the smallest spill that goes unnoticed will cause the top layer to lift ! There is no product that I can find to sanitize or disinfect this flooring that is safe to use according to Empire Today. The warranty is a farce. It only covers sun damage.Thankfully, I did not replace the Pergo that we installed ourselves in in our office. It indestructable ! Stands up to kids, pets,... More...
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    James73's Picture   James73    1 Comments   Comments

    I have never done business with a company like this. The salesman comes to the house and tells me that it will take 2 days at the max with several workers coming to the house to remove the old self-stick tiles and install ceramic tiling. Four workers arrived the first day and the supervisor was stunned that there was tile to remove instead of carpeting. One full day to remove the old tile and FOUR MORE DAYS with only ONE WORKER working his butt off to install all the tiles in my home. One tile left over and no grout. I just wanted to purchase additional boxes of tile since I have a lot... More...
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  • empire today laminate flooring repair

    January 2015 I called Empire flooring requesting repair on my kitchen laminate flooring. I was given an appointment for 14 January. No one came or called for not showing up. On 15 January I called and was told my flooring was out of stock and had to be special ordered. I would get a call when it came in From then on I was given appointments and no one showed up until 23 January to do the inspection. After that I was supposed to get a call to set up repair job. I have had conversation with representatives 26 February, 4 March, 23 March with Craig and the last one 26 March. Each... More...
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  • Empire Today unethical behavior

    I met with a salesman named Wayne D. I had a previous bid from Costco for a very specific Shaw carpet with an exceptional warranty. Wayne quoted me over $8000.00. When I showed him my bid he was able to come down to $20.00 under and assured me that the carpet and padding were exactly the same - made by Shaw and held the same warranty. He also told me that they could put in a finish strip on my hardwood flooring where we had taken out a wall (not done). I received the contract in the mail and noticed that the carpet was manufactured by another company (not Shaw). I called Wayne and he... More...
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  • Laminate Floor repair

    The previous owner of my home had Empire Today install a laminate floor. Since moving in the house, a small area was wetted with three or four planks swelling. Buckling resulted. I acknowledge there is no warranty. I need to repair the floor. Empire Today will not assist in the repair and will not sell me the product. They will only sell me an entire new installation. In light of my experience, I would never recommend anyone to buy from Empire Today! More...
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    hardy16's Picture   hardy16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Empire flooring

    I had empire come out and give me a quote on getting my floors redone. I was quoted $16,000.00. It would have cost another $4,000.00 to get my stairs done. I had two other people that got theirs done with Empire and one paid $1,500.00 and the other paid $2,700.00. I thought I was going to faint. They were running a special of buy two get the rest fee after you paid for pad and installation. How could anyone afford that with this economy. I don't think I will be using them. More...
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    LaRhonda's Picture   LaRhonda    1 Comments   Comments
  • New carpet looks 10 years old already

    When we bought our house it needed new carpet. Empire Today was the only company who could install before we needed to move in. Plus, we had used them before and they were fine. We purchased a Frieze style carpet based on our sales reps recommendation. We have owned homes before and did not want cheap carpet that would wear in high use areas. He specifically said this was designed not to wear in high use areas. We were very happy. Fast forward 1 year and our carpet looks AWFUL. Every door way and hallway is severely matted down. The entry hall is just as bad and always looks like... More...
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    shadowjt21's Picture   shadowjt21    4 Comments   Comments
  • Waranty Failure

    We needed new flooring in a major way. 4 children, 3 adults, and pets do not make carpet easy. The salesman was professional, the work was expedient and friendly. The scratch on the flooring that I let myself my self be talked into because it would "handle my household" is going to cost another $125 for them to come out and replace. This scratch is under my kitchen table. No heavy items were dragged there, but after spending $4,000 less than a year ago, they want to start gouging me for any scratch. I was told that they could also come out with a wood pen, but it would cost for... More...
    (Repair Services)
    tsmoyervargas's Picture   tsmoyervargas    2 Comments   Comments
  • Fantastic Service. they were amazing

    The rep that Empire Today sent out was fantastic. He spent 3 hours going over three rooms with us. He slowly and methodically helped us review all the available options they currently offer. Then he called in got the prices for our areas and worked on getting the total price into our budget. In the end they won our business. The installers showed up 10 minutes before I was told they would be there and they knocked on the door at arrival time. It is what customer service is all about. The two room we had carpet put in were done in 3 hours from start to finish. That is including furniture... More...
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  • Service and installation is the Best at Empire Carpet

    I called Empire Today and got next day service as stated on the TV commercial. I though they were a little pricey, by the sales man and manager worked with us to stick to our budget. The carpet was installed almost the next, they don't install on New Year's Day. The carpet was installed on Jan. 2, and by the fourth month after installation, I noticed wear on the carpet. It was then that I checked the reviews on Empire. "Oh No!", I thought, while reading the reviews. I really thought that this could turn out to be the "carpet" nightmare. Finally, after... More...
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    Sandraflyer's Picture   Sandraflyer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Today Laminate Flloring falling apart

    We have the same Estates Living High Gloss laminate. It is in my kitchen, dining room, living room, downstairs bath, and bedroom as welll as entry way. This flooring is a nightmare, and impossible to keep clean it shows every singl foot print and speck of dust. Not only is it impossible to keep clean it is NOT durable. I started having problems with my floors 7 months after installation. Buckling boards, chipping, joints seperating, bubbling, etc. I had a few of my boards replaced, but the same issues continue. I do not want my floors pieced together! I contacted Empire, they have sent out... More...
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    April67's Picture   April67    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Today GREAT SERVICE

    I've read the reviews over and over and can only surmise that nasty people get nasty results... I met Xenia at the Chevy's in Emeryville by accident. I have been shopping for flooring for years. There she was sitting next to us with carpet samples. We shared a laugh and made an appointment to meet. She drove all the way to Santa Cruz and brought a car filled with samples. Not one or two, but a CAR FULL. I found what I wanted and we negotiated a solid price. I was on a very strict budget and she was able to work with it. The first stage was the laminate installation. Armand... More...
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    amyherna's Picture   amyherna    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Today No Customer Service

    Had $6000 in laminate flooring installed by EmpireToday and paid installer extra to add extra underlayment. After installation found several weak spots where material was separating and floor was sinking. Called for promised repairs and have been scheduled five times for repairs but no one has shown up to make a repair. Asked to speak with manager who promised to handle schedule herself and would call me back in two hours. I have had no response. Now every time I call the person who schedules is not in. Recommend you never use Empire Today....I know I never will again. More...
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    Asiproduct's Picture   Asiproduct    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire today carpet horrible service

    Had three appointments scheduled and never showed. Finally I spoke to the manager and they assured me they were 15 minutes away. When they arrived, it was one installer and he informed me that he couldn't do the install because the carpet had to be bounded. I once again called and spoke to another manager and they then informed me the next available date to get the special installer was three weeks away. I cancelled my order immediately and wanted to follow up with the salesman to let him know how disappointed I was. His response...call customer service. Will never use the... More...
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    Bjabo25's Picture   Bjabo25    1 Comments   Comments
  • Botched Installation

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. We scheduled installation six days in advance; everything was stored in two bathrooms. Numerous calls/emails 2-3 days before installation. Call at 8:30 AM to say installers would be there between 10:30-11:30. Ten minutes later call: "Carpet out of stock. Will call after week-end for new date." Not possible, with everything in the bathrooms. Called salesman who said "the carpet's out of stock." I said I'd take a different color; he OKed delivery next day. Five minutes later: "Your carpet's in stock. The installers on their way." Five minutes after... More...
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    mpiturro's Picture   mpiturro    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Carpet - Excellent Service

    I am very satisfied with the Empire Carpet installation service. The whole experience, starting with Mark, a very professional, polite, and pleasant sales representative to the final product was excellent. We definitely made this purchase thank to Mark, and I hope he gets a credit for this. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about making a sale, yet not pushy at all. The installation team arrived even earlier than they said they would, and completed the carpet installation on two floors, stairs included, in about five hours. I was impressed. They left premises clean. The carpet... More...
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    kataruina1503's Picture   kataruina1503    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flooring

    Had occasion to get an estimate for new flooring in A townhouse in York, Pa . A repersenitive from their company came out and gave me a estimate about 2 weeks ago, Called him to get a contract and he said that he would have to come out and re- measure. He then said that he no longer had the estimate, and when I questioned him he said that he did no need my business that he made 150 thousand last year. I will not be using them and would not reccomend them to anyone. a1505@aol.com More...
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    BUCKJR05's Picture   BUCKJR05    1 Comments   Comments

    This is the worst customer service i have ever experienced. It took them 4 months to finally get out to my house to check the carpet. Finally even after this they had a third party company come out to verify that the carpet was crushing, matting and actually pulling up from the ground itself within the first year. After being given the run around time after time and them finally after 4 months, saying they would replace my carpet, I told them I no longer wanted any services they offered. I just wanted my money back. They told me they would replace it with top of the line carpeting but... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Estate Living flooring

    I was lied too by Empire's Salesman, said this floor is great ( better then wood ) and in reality this floor is horrible, I only had it for two months before it started to peel, its is so hard to clean shows every mark, I called Empire and they said it's my fault, how can that be after two month, what could I have done so badly. it's a $4,000 floor, if it can't stand normal wear and tear after two month it should not be sold to the public. More...
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    msvickytoria's Picture   msvickytoria    2 Comments   Comments
  • empire not worth using

    Told by rep id recieve a call by 8am day of project(ceramic floor/foyer) no call.called 1800 # and rep. No one arrived until 12:30pm,they were short material and i asked them to leave at 6pm. Who wants this going on in your home in the evening? really. Next day I was told started at 9am, nope 10:00 calling 1800 and rep. One guy showed up at 11:30 again a material problem; wrong color moulding. This means I have to see them again. Both days I was told by workers they didnt have paperwork thats why they were late. apologic. Anyway they ripped up old ceramic floor never covered door ways with... More...
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    amberryan's Picture   amberryan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Today laying vinyl flooring and carpet

    We had a slight glitch which was taken care of swiftly and thoroughly. James Kiley, our sales representative, did an excellent job selling the product. Art and Francisco laid the vinyl kitchen flooring with speed and care. Luis and his crew laid carpet in two bedrooms and our family room in no time flat (3-4 hours). We are very satisfied with our experience with Empire Today and have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends. Thank you Empire. More...
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    w1rasberry's Picture   w1rasberry    1 Comments   Comments
  • Overpriced and Poor Products

    We had empire install laminate flooring last year. The sales person was very convincing that we were getting a great deal and would be happy for life. He said the product was the best on the market, and has a lifetime guarantee. We paid $10,000 for 900 sqft. installed. This was with their buy a room get the rest for free deal. 9 months after the product was installed we noticed a few seems getting larger, and then the boards began to pop up. When you stepped on the ends of the planks they would move up and down and it was not uncommon to get your foot or sock pinched. We contacted... More...
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    tnkwinters's Picture   tnkwinters    2 Comments   Comments
  • Hardwood Floors

    Empire Today installed my wood floors. They showed up one person short and before the day was over another person went home early leaving a man and a woman left to install the floors in my living room dining area and kitchen. They were here until 10:00 pm and half way finished the job. The bifold doors were removed and replaced incorrectly and they kept falling off. I was told they would float the floor so it would be level and they only floated 3 places. The floor now feels like a roller coaster when walking on it. It also moves so much the board make farting noises when you step on it... More...
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    jodyblue73's Picture   jodyblue73    1 Comments   Comments
  • Carpet and Hardwood

    We had empire install both hardwood and carpet last January. When we said we had kids the sales person said the hardwood we chose would stand up to the wear and tear. Today, there are nicks and scratches everywhere. They took twice the amount of time the sales person had estimated it would take to install. The hardwood floor installers did not put the toilet in the bathroom on correctly and it ended up leaking. They had to come back to rip out the hardwood and re-install. It ended up leaving a mark on the ceiling in our basement below the bathroom. The carpet they put in also wasn't... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • carpet install

    Showed up 3 hours late, then didn't bring the tools needed. Left and came back with most the day shot. Had to make a 1 day job into 2 days. Costed me another day off work. Installers were 4 Hispanics, with only one able to speak. After 1 year carpet buckled in 4 rooms. Customer service said I would have to pay $200.00 to have it fixed. Told them it should have been done right to start with. Told them that I would rather pay a real professional to fix it. STAY AWAY FROM EMPIRE CARPET. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    rmc04031925's Picture   rmc04031925    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't stand by there TV ads

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I called Empire from seeing it on TV ,Saying 60% off They came the Salesman was great He gave me a price I was happy with then he calls his boss then what they showed me was not 60% off ..That is why I called them ..Never again will I deal with Empire they new we called because of the 60% 0ff .....I am going to put down more flooring but not with Empire they don't stand by there TV adds W.H. Kentucky More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Installer run around.

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Was told by installer that the carpet would be installed on Monday. Monday came- no carpet, then I was told Wed. would be install- Wed. cam no install, and then was told no later than Friday and Friday came and still no install. Said they would work all day Sat. to get it done on Sunday and a crew out to do the install on Sunday evening. Still no install and I was told no later than Monday...guess what still no install. Paid half down and was given the run around by installer. They said they are not sure when they could get it done. I just want my money back now. Working off of a laptop and... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Empire Today Does NOT Hold Up to Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    I had the option to use another company for the same price and I am beating myself up every day for deciding to go with Empire! I was promised compete satisfaction when ordering my hardwood floors. I complained from day 1 of installation, and one month later the issue is still unresolved. Apparently my sub floors are not level, but the installer did not mention this or do anything to correct them. Instead the threw the floors down and left. The supervisor did not even stay once he dropped off the supplies. I have had 3 people come to look at the issue and am told the floors need to come up... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    AmandaLAdams's Picture   AmandaLAdams    4 Comments   Comments
  • Waste of time!!! 50 50 50 minutes wasted!

    Empire today???????.....it should be called empire when?!!!!, they left me waiting for three hours for someone to show up at the house i am buying and wanted it all in hardwood floor!!!, it was a big project and they couldnt care less!!!, attention in costumer service terrible the 4 times i called, one lady even told me to keep waiting!!!!!!....i was about ti leave when someone finally showed up, it was a mice guy who said that was fully booked....company shouldn't do that, totally unfair with custumer and not respectfull of their time at all!!!, by the end of the quoting, this was... More...
    (Home Improvement)

    Do not ever use Empire. If I did my research I would have known better, but I did not. I am not even sure where to begin. I guess I will start with the sales rep told up we could contact her whenever we needed. This was absolutely not true. She was very unreliable and did not answer our calls. The day we set up for the installation the installers showed up with the wood for the floor. We had been told by Empire the wood would be delivered ahead of time and sit in our house to acclimate for a week. They tried to fight us on this when the installers showed up and told us it is stored in a... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Mandyb99's Picture   Mandyb99    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service. Cheap product that doesn't last, AT ALL

    My first appointment went well but I unfortunately they seemed to take advantage of my inexperience with flooring. I'm a first time homeowner and wanted something that would last longer than builders grade carpet. I was told the carpet I got was durable and the salesperson knew I had a pet. Only one installer showed up so I had to help them move furniture which I had paid to have taken care of. Then a month later, probably less than that the carpet started calling apart. I called to complain, it took two rescheduled Appointments and some bad excuses for the guy to finally come out.... More...
    AMJ5369's Picture   AMJ5369    1 Comments   Comments
  • Steer Away from Empire Today Flooring

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Empire today--apparently can't make appointments I am glad to read so many bad reviews of this company, because it supports my own experience. I made an appointment to have my house measured and see some samples. I invited my elderly aunt to come over, as she is helping me with the decisions. Well, they cancelled. I then rescheduled for the next day, same time. (Talking with these reps. is like talking to robots. Scripted. Unresponsive. Unhelpful.) Again, I invited my Aunt over for the consultation. ONCE AGAIN they cancelled the appointment unapologetically. If they're not... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • This company abuse of their employees

    unfortunately this company is abusing to illegal employees when first know they are illegal and hire them, then do not want to pay for the work they did, because employees can not defend themself for being undocumented. The customer complains, and this company does is not paying the employee as an excuse for the complaint. When the employee has proof of work done. This company is disgustingly abusive to employees, taking and keeping employees' pay to them. More...
    (Repair Services)
    perlitagr's Picture   perlitagr    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible carpet installation and even worse customer service!

    Horrible carpet installation and even worse customer service. Our experience started with a pleasant sales person who came over and estimated the pricing. When he was going over the contract there was an item called: "we do not adjust doors." He said, your closet doors are adjustable and they will adjust them if needed. After the carpet installation guys came over, they first charged me and then told me one of the closet doors may need adjustment, but they are not able to adjust It. I called the sales person and he assured me that he will send someone to take care of that the next... More...
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    Nasimnima's Picture   Nasimnima    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    Horrible carpet installation and even worse customer service. Our experience started with a pleasant sales person who came over and estimated the pricing. When he was going over the contract there was an item called: "we do not adjust doors." He said, your closet doors are adjustable and they will adjust them if needed. After the carpet installation guys came over, they first charged me and then told me one of the closet doors may need adjustment, but they are not able to adjust It. I called the sales person and he assured me that he will send someone to take care of that the next... More...
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    Nasimnima's Picture   Nasimnima    1 Comments   Comments
  • Empire Today terrible product and even worse customer service

    Completely disgusted with Empire Today. We had Empire Today install carpeting in a condo that was a rental property. The carpet we replaced was quite old and had some severe staining so we thought it would be a good investment to do the $3K upgrade. The sales person sold us on the carpet because of the 'unmatched' warranty it offered. We were told it should not wear more than 10% in 10 years and if we had an issue, just call customer service and they would take care of any and all issues. This carpeting was installed in September and the following day new tenants moved in. The... More...
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    HWJacobs's Picture   HWJacobs    1 Comments   Comments

empire today Reviews By Product


empire today Comments

mudslide007 says: (3 years ago)
We had both carpet(Nov) and laminate (Dec) installed. We are very pleased with the quality of the product and the installation. Wells Fargo is handling the financing. Our understanding was the first 12 months is no interest. My monthly payment is $251 and WF has been applying $76.00 interest per month which is 30%, I think I could have not better if I went to loan shark. Currently were in dispute between Empire and WF as we should be charged no interest. I have decided to payoff the balance to stop the bleeding and hopefully have more that $400 in over charged int. reimbursed.

mmurphy7 says: (4 years ago)
It's been years since my one experience with Empire Today; but I will NEVER use them again or recommend them to anyone. It was 2004 or 2005, and we needed new windows for our house. So we called them up and they sent out a sales rep. We looked through their catalog, saw the windows we wanted and noticed they installed french doors. So we ordered the french doors as well to replace the sliding glass door we had that had been installed in 2002. The day came for installation. They sent 2 people to do the installs who could barely speak English which became a problem when they took out our sliding glass door, to install another sliding glass door. Trying to explain to them that we did not order a sliding glass door was completely useless, they did not care and left without completing the job because they left about a 3 inch gap above the door where air was easily coming in and it was the middle of November. It took them over a month, and many calls, to come out to finally finish it. I would not recommend them, they are shady and don't care about the people keeping them in business.

JohnLarryGreen says: (5 years ago)
If you're like me, you're probably looking for a good carpet installer in Cleveland OH. And if you find one, LET ME KNOW.

MWHITE says: (5 years ago)

fldresfolders3 says: (5 years ago)
Thank goodness for reviews! I had questions about Empire after seeing their too good to be true commercials and had to check them out. So glad I did and as soon as we are ready to replace our outdated carpets I will know better than to call Empire.

stevelynn says: (5 years ago)
My husband took 10/15/12 off from work to be at home for our laminate flooring to be installed. The installers didn't arrive until 11am and then took a one hour break from 2-3pm. The installers kept working until 6pm when it sterted raining and their equipment broke. We were told that they would return on Tuesday to finish the work. I came home early from work on Tuesday to meet them at 4:30am. At 5pm, they still weren't here. I called and was told, there was an emergency and they couldn't come. We made arrangements for them to come today (10/17/12) and since 4:30, we've had three phone calls that they are "stuck in traffic." I just want my flooring finished.

KALAFA123 says: (6 years ago)

granty says: (6 years ago)
In Maryland, same old fashioned high pressure, ridiculously high price kept getting lower and lower the longer the salesperson kept talking and tried to pressure us into an agreement on the spot - in spite of the fact that I said when he walked in the door that "we are NOT buying anything today". Totally ignored us. Finally needed to ask him to leave. We told him we would call him when we were ready, but despite that, he scheduled a return appointment with a designer for the next week. When she called and was "on her way" we were totally pissed! Stupid, old fashioned pressure tactics. :-(

Katryan says: (6 years ago)
Complete and total ripoff. My own fault for being to lazy to do the legwork and compare price. I accepted a price if $3600. for 700 sq feet of carpet. Did not know you could barter for carpet price and wanted it done quick and easily. I would say I overpayed by $2000.00 Service was fine. Also carpet is lousy, both my properties have cement slabs, when I walk on my carpet at home I feel cushion when I walk on the empire carpet I feel cement. And this was supposedly there highest grade carpet. Again, my own fault for being so stupid but hope someone else can beneifit from my very negative experience.

pitbul442 says: (6 years ago)
I'm sorry but they are horrible i was put out my house all weekend when they promised to be done in a day. Mind you there no furniture in there way.My whole house was to be carpeted and the salesman never measured the closets. 6 yrs later the carpet that was guaranteed for 10 yrs is mated and looks like shit.I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

pitbul442 says: (6 years ago)
I'm sorry but they are horrible i was put out my house all weekend when they promised to be done in a day. Mind you there no furniture in there way.My whole house was to be carpeted and the salesman never measured the closets. 6 yrs later the carpet that was guaranteed for 10 yrs is mated and looks like shit.I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

gevanhe says: (6 years ago)
My parents bought 7K worth of flooring from Empire and some of the planks are cupeling. She called up Empire and after back and forth they tried to say it's because she uses a shark steamer. Strange underneath the coach where she has not used the steamer she's experiencing cupeling. Empire rep told them it was because the steamer. Strange, I use it on mine and my friends use it on their laminets however, for some reason the one place on earth that it does cause problems is my parents house however, it's not on the lament floors another company installed just Empire. I find this strange especially when Empire had to come back for three other mistakes they made.

boot9w says: (6 years ago)
The worst hardwood product. I was sold on the engineered product by mohawk and it is awful. After numberous trip to my house, numerous times being stood up for appoitments and now no one returns my calls. The product sucks, they fool you with the commercials and fake customer service. BUY ELSEWHERE!!!

sandrasmedley says: (6 years ago)
Service was great!!! carpet very good.Sales woman Fatima Thompson very professional and helpful we truly enjoyed working with her she was awesome not pushy very patient and knows her job thanks empire you sent the right person and thank you Ms.Fatima Thompson.

Leonard and Sandra Smedley

Sweetness22 says: (7 years ago)
I'm dizzy from all the double talk from costumer service and so disappointed. Felt like I was in the twilight zone. Actually felt like I was talking to my kids aka the wall. Do your homework first. Empire is not looking out for your best interest. Typical big business. I would not use them again. I didn't realize I was suppose to haggle with them for a descent more reasonable price. Next day delivery enables you the three days to cancel your order if you felt you couldn't say no face to face or needed more time to let the transaction sink in. Now I'm stuck with "SUCKER" written on my forehead.

ynew says: (7 years ago)
Empire came out to measure and price carpet in our home for 5 rooms with a special of buy twwo rooms get the others free. Run fast, by the time the saleperson finished him measured 1220 sq feet, by the way they do not measure in square footage but by the the job and the price was over 9,000.00 for the two rooms get the others free. blinds were over 7,000.00. this company is a rip off and the won't tell you who makes the carpet. by the way the carpet only for two rm would have been over 3,000.00. run fast

kristinecrooks says: (7 years ago)
Scott Osler visited my home in California as per my request as he is from Texas (I wouldn't have anyone else better in my home than Scott Osler from Empire Today) and I couldn't believe what a deal he gave me on the BEST quality at the prices that he quoted!! So inexpensive I kept blinking to see if I was missing something. They installed. Scott oversaw everything. I am so happy. We got million dollar service for the quality and install in our million dollar home!! Scott Osler is the man to call!!

navguet says: (7 years ago)
i don't like empire because they change all the styles names,also they are to expensive last month i did my floor with other company because empire give me the price 7500.00 on 800 sqf laminate, so the other company give me 3650.00 and they did a good job,i'm so happy with them they are rvflooring company they are good company
ifyou want a good and nice job call rv.

khowell says: (7 years ago)
I just had laminate and Carpet installed. It looks great our sales rep was open and honest and the installers did a great job. They even had to come out and redo the kitchen and dining room because there was knicks in the laminate and they did this all within 48 hours.

lhaeckel says: (7 years ago)
I will never use Empire Today again. Be aware that if you do decide to use this company you will more than likely regret it! They came out on a Friday and our carpet was to be installed on Saturday (our only day off). But when no one showed or called by Saturday afternoon, I placed a call only to find out that we weren't even in their system as our sales rep. hadn't bothered to fax in the order! I immediately cancelled the order, but now, over 2-1/2 weeks later, I have yet to receive my deposit back which they cashed promptly, of course. But there is a silver lining in all this....we went with a local carpet company who did a fantastic job, actually showed up when promised, and they were hundreds of dollars cheaper for better quality carpet! So in the end we made out OK, and learned to never again pick up the phone and call 1-800-588-2300 regardless of how promising their TV commercials sound!

2000nomad says: (8 years ago)
After reading all the negative comments on Empire Today, there is no way that I would use them. Your web site was most useful! For me, it's off to Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow.

Rainson says: (8 years ago)
Just had carpet installed from Empire and it has been a terrible experience. The first installation crew was less than professional and only one guy spoke broken English. They damaged a heat vent by severely bending it in with their stretcher and then claimed it was like that when they got there. They tried bending it back and anyone knows bent metal cannot be returned to its original smooth finish. It will have to be replaced

The upper hallway was pieced together in three pieces which I was never told would be done. They cut the carpet around the mantel when I specifically asked that it be placed underneath it. There was a gap between the carpet and the mantel. They left a mess in the hallway and never put the furniture back as I was promised. I thought they were taking their tools out to the truck and were coming back in to move the furniture but they just left.

I had a second crew here yesterday to fix the carpet where there was a gap by the mantel. The customer service rep told me they would replace the whole strip since that is where the seam is and they would only need a strip 4' x 20' and it was from the same roll so it would match. When the crew got here they said they couldn't guarantee the color would match and that the seam may not meld well since the carpet had been in place for 3 days. I told him it really hadn't been walked on in that area and he said it didn't matter. I didn't want to take the chance that the color wouldn't match so they stretched the carpet by the mantel to eliminate the gap. The carpet does look better, however the guy took several gouges out of the oak mantel with the tool he used to tuck the carpet edges back under the trim and the mantel. I called customer service and now they need to send someone out to repair the mantel.

The second crew knew nothing about the carpet in the hallway being replaced so after talking with customer service again yesterday I am now waiting today for yet a third crew to arrive and replace the piecemeal job in the hallway. The customer service rep guaranteed that I would be the first appointment of the day and it is 11:00 and they haven't arrived. I called the general customer service number to find out where they are. After being on hold she told me that the driver left his phone at home and she couldn't get in contact with him (how did she know he left his phone at home if he didn’t have a phone to let her know that?). I am tempted if/when they show up to tell them to just go away as I am worried what they might damaged today.

I think it is ridiculous it has taken 3 appointments and things still may not be right. In addition I have to schedule to have a furniture repair company come out to fix the mantel. I would recommend anyone considering new carpet stay away from Empire unless you have a ton of free time to sit around waiting for them to keep coming back, trying to get it right. Needless to say, I will never use Empire again.

vmal says: (8 years ago)
empire today's prices are ridiculous..we wanted to change into hardwood from carpet and we asked empire today's sales person how much it costs for replacing carpet to hardwood for about 1000sq.ft he said $20000 we bid goodbuy to him hearing that ridiculous pricing we understood right away that empire today is just tricking us ... thank got we did not get carried away and after 2 years we got handscraped hardwood floors done for the same 1000sq.ft by a private company with a difference of less than half a price quoted by ET and this private company did an extremely awesome job. so if you are wise enough, think and do some research before you spend money on ET they are way highly priced.

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